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ARIA Sales Figures: An Analysis -1993 to 2012

In early February 2013 ARIA published their annual sales figures, including their figures for 2012. To view those figures and press release visit There has been an almost hysterical reaction. The IFPI excitedly reported that we had seen an upward trend for the 1st time since 2009. Most of the press have reported this good news story. But it is important to put these figures into context. This is not a return to the profits that we saw in 2009, not even close. These figures show that in just one area we have seen a halt in the decline of the record industry – for the 1st time since 2009. It’s all about talking a long view at the context in which this figures sit.


Budgeting & Bookkeeping for Creative People: A guide to accounting for music, arts and entertainment businesses

Designed as both an introductory guide and a practical, week-by-week workbook, this book will assist students, educators and practitioners in the music, entertainment and arts industries to build their financial literacy.


Does copyright have a future?

The current copyright system is not working for a whole new generation of creators, not only in music but also film, photography, art and so on. Our ability to appropriate the works of others is greater than it has ever been and this opens up new frontiers of creativity that have never before been available... but the current system is failing these creators.

In The Future of Copyright Ben O'Hara asks what if the (copyright) system we imagined was better than the (copyright) system we created?

Artist and Band Management allows readers to take a hands on approach to establishing themselves as artist managers and guides readers through the process of determining a style of management, defining the managers role, finding an act to manage, defining the legal relationship between the artist and the manager, building a management team and creating commonly used artist management templates.


Recently music business students at The Metropolitan South Institute of Tafe (Queensland), Central Music Industry Training (Western Australia) and Box Hill Institute (Victoria) collated contact and logistical information on many of the major venues across Australia. Their research, called "Venue Guide 2011 - Making Touring Simpler" is now available via the Venue Guide Database . This searchable database provides basic venue details, each listing also includes info on venue capacity, PA, operating hours and the booking agent contact details for over 50 music venues across Australia.

More info... means more gigs! is a music business portal, designed to give music managers, educators and students access to music management information that can assist in developing both careers and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Australian Venue Database

VENUE DATABASE: Find gigs at more than 50 major Australian venues. Search Australian venue database here

Career Profiles

What do artists Pete Murray, Missy Higgins, Paul Mac, Kiss Chasey, Little Birdy, ITCH-E & SCRATCH-E, GOTYE and Sliverchair have in common?

Their careers have been impacted by leading music entrepreneur, John Watson. Career tips from John... founder of John Watson Management and label, Eleven: A Music Company.

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