Music Business – 4th Edition


The all-new updated 4th edition of the music industry bible ‘Music Business’ is back! Completely revised throughout and 10% bigger than the last edition, this successful resource also includes digital rights and management for the 21st century. No musician, songwriter, lyricist, performer or music student should be without this invaluable textbook

Music Business tackles questions like: When do I need new management? What are mechanical royalties? What do I want my record company to do? Have I got the right to handle my own merchandising? How do I choose a music lawyer?

The Australian music business presents any musician with a minefield of tricky career decisions. From registering a name and choosing an agent through to getting a recording contract and understanding copyright. What’s more, the choices you make have to be the right ones.

Dozens of practical questions are explored and explained for the benefit of newcomer and seasoned professionals alike. Highly detailed yet easy to understand, this book is the indispensable industry bible that no serious musician should be without.

“Shane Simpson is undoubtedly one of Australia’s preeminent entertainment lawyers. His 1994 book, Music Business, has been an invaluable reference tool and guide for, not only the experienced players in the industry but also a “must-read” for anyone interested in forging a career in the amazing music business.” – Bob Aird, Managing Director Universal Music Publishing Australia.

“An indispensable tool for every aspiring musician and songwriter. Covers all major areas for the music industry and should be compulsory reading for anyone in the business.” – Brett Cottle, Chief Executive Officer APRA (Australasian Performing Rights Association Ltd).

“Shane is a specialist in Music Law and I always value his advice. My artists do as well.” – Rob Barnham, Manager of Paul Kelly & Christine Anu.

Published by Omnibus Press, 2012

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