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About Music Business Education is designed to be a "go to" resource for music, entertainment and art managers, educators and students.  Originally designed to support educators using the Music Business Educational Supplements  the site has since expanded to include a variety of new features including new text books, a regular industry news source and in-depth research papers produced by the site principals, Mark Beard and Ben O'Hara. 

We also see the site as a publishing opportunity for music and arts academics looking to build to the body of knowledge particularly in the music business sector, which is an academic discipline still in its infancy. We thank all current contributors and would welcome more. So if you have some music, entertainment or arts management research you would like to share with your colleagues contact us today.

Music Business Educational Supplements

The Music Business Educational Supplements are a series of Australian Music Industry text books especially designed for those studying the music industry in Australia (and New Zealand) and for those in bands with the desire to understand how this industry really works.

We have taken Shane Simpson's text 'Music Business' (the Australian Music Industry Bible) and we have re-packaged lots of that information into books that are a bit more bite sized and easier to digest. Plus we have made these books totally hands on, so it is about you getting on with your own music career. A complete Do It Yourself guide to the music industry.

These books are aimed at empowering you to make it happen for yourself - rather than waiting for the industry to beat a path to your door. You can buy these books via our bookstore.

Part of the role of this website is to keep the books up to date and to explore ideas in more depth than we were able to present in the books, as well as providing free templates and downloads to help in your studies and understanding of the Music Industry. We believe that there should be no ownership of knowledge, so we are planning to put as much material as we can on the website and we encourage teachers and students to submit ideas, articles and templates as well.

About the authors


Ben O’Hara

Ben O’Hara has taught music industry business at a number of institutions across Australia including the Sydney Institute of TAFE Ultimo, EORA College, and JMC Academy in Sydney and Melbourne. He is currently the senior educator in Music Business at Box Hill Institute in Melbourne.

Ben has a broad range of experience in the music industry, having worked in music publishing and licensing as well as event and artist management. He has also been a performer for over 15 years, and runs his own booking agency, Flower Pot Entertainment Productions, specialising in children’s and family entertainment. Ben holds a Bachelor Arts in contemporary music (Honors) from Southern Cross University and a Masters of Business in Arts and Cultural Management from The University of South Australia.



Mark Beard

Mark has a background in music, arts and entertainment marketing, business-to-business marketing-communications and higher education. He has worked closely with both start-ups and established businesses helping to refine and execute a wide range both traditional and new media marketing communications. He has taught music business, management and marketing at a number of educational institutes including The Australian Institute of Music, APM Training Institute and JMC Academy in Sydney and Brisbane.

Mark is the founder and director of Kreshendo, a branding and web design agency on the Sunshine Coast. Kreshendo  focuses on sports, entertainment and event brandiing and web development. Mark is also a musician and performer with over 15 years’ experience. Mark holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Tourism) from Charles Sturt University, a Master of Marketing from The University of New South Wales and a Professional Guitar Player Certificate from the Musicians Institute, USA.

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Some nice things lecturer's are saying... 

“What a marvelous job you are doing with the books and your website. Please reassure me that these resources will remain available forever!”
Sally McPherson LLB - Associate Lecturer
Southern Cross University

“Thankyou for the music texts – they are very informative and user-friendly.”
Rick Williams - Music Teacher

“I am a teacher at CIT in Canberra and I have been using some of your resources and want to congratulate you on them.”
Greg Stott - Teacher
CIT Music Industry Centre

“The Educational Supplements are fantastic and I have listed them as text books for my students!”
Vickii Cotter - Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)

“Congrats on the Supplements…they are fantastic.”
Karen Reid - Co-ordinator, Music Business
Sydney Institute, Ultimo Campus

“I have ordered some copies of your books… what fantastic resources.”
Andrea Smith - Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE (Brisbane)

“I enjoy the music biz website and find it a very useful resource when used with the text book.”
Ed Goyer - Wollongong TAFE

“I not only use your Educational Supplements as support material, but I recommend them all to my students.”
Nicole - Australian Institute of Music (AIM)

Great stuff! The marketing one in particular is so exactly on the path that I have been taking with my TAFE classes.
Amanda Easton

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